A challenging experience in IS equipment re-manufacturing

5 October 2020




At the end of summer 2019, in order to support a revamping and expansion project of Belstekloprom, a glass container factory located in Belarus, Revimac accepted the challenging order to re-manufacture 8 section boxes Double Gob 5” centre distance originally supplied by Heye International, within the scope of general renovation of a complete I.S. production line.

The re-manufacturing philosophy of Revimac, that usually operates on Bottero or Emhart machines, was then to be applied to this rather out-of-standard project as well.

As per consolidated practice, the customer shipped to Italy the used section boxes complete with mechanisms and assemblies to be re-manufactured at Revimac workshop.

However, since the customer had no original technical documentation, the job had to be started from scratch and any IS machine expert for sure may appreciate the effort that it takes for doing such an exercise without supporting documentation at all.

Nevertheless, all mechanisms have been swiftly removed from the sections and taken apart completely, including the stripping down of the MOC base plate assembly and followed by a stringent work of comparison w.r.t. the standard Emhart/ Bottero mechanisms.

Immediately after, the focus was concentrated on the reverse engineering and manufacturing the specific parts required to complete the repair kits needed to bring back to operational standard the original assemblies.

Against all odds, the job was successfully completed in the reasonable period of time of 8 months and eventually the re-manufactured sections were delivered to the customer.

Besides that, the supply included one Revimac re-manufactured servo feeder mechanism, one servo-gob distributor and the complete set of brand-new automation system including forming control, flexible multi-motor drive and servo-pusher system.

The automation was completed with the Dynamic Forming System (DFS), the state-of-the-art equipment to produce bottles in NNPB process.

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