A technological package supply

2 November 2020




During the first half of 2020, Revimac and Fusiontec jointly managed one more project for the supply of a complete and fully automatic glass conditioning system.

The production plant where the glass conditioning system will be installed is in the Asean area.

The package supply includes:

Revimac as project manager and system designer, realized all the detailed engineering for the steel structures to be manufactured on-site by the customer.

The reliable and technically advanced control system, the power-packed Revimac Forehearth Control System (FCSR), was here combined with the Fusiontec newly designed superstructure to ensure the customer with the optimum glass conditioning.

The FCSR control includes:

  • Control cabinet with twin CPU and dual Can-Bus channel for data transmission, to ensure complete reliability and the automatic switch-over in case of failure;
  • User-friendly touch screen operator interface, available for technologist and operators to control all the data and process information of the forehearth;
  • Revimac proprietary software, that enables to control each zone of the forehearth, as well as left and right sides independent firing;
  • Production Recipes, process information and alarms/logs stored in the memory.
principle scheme FCSR

The working-end and the two forehearths are featuring several control zones, each one equipped with optical pyrometer and three-levels thermocouples installed in the equalizing zone to measure the glass in different layers to monitor the thermal efficiency.

Revimac Control System Synoptic

The automation system is managing the heating function by means of the gas fired burners as well as the cooling process by means of the individual fans according the temperature profile previously set-up.

The FCSR will be interfaced with the existing furnace control system, to exchange its relevant process information that will be displayed on the melting furnace supervision system.

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