12 April 2021




Revimac have got a long-time engagement with Verallia, especially in Italy and France and last year was no exception with Revimac service crew deployed at Verallia Cognac plant where, during the furnace rebuild last fall, the reconditioning of many crucial components like feeders, forming mechanisms and ware handling equipment with many other upgrades to the implantation were successfully carried out.

As in any relationship with our customer, everything is built up starting from the understanding the real needs of the customer (which are specific for each plant) and thus proposing a variety of options and, at the end connecting the dots, suggesting and sharing with the customer the most efficient way to achieve their goal.

In the specific case of Cognac, this cooperation brought to the decision to carry out the intervention divided in two separate periods. During the first period at the glass factory, our crew removed from the equipment all the mechanisms and parts subject to maintenance. The whole lot has been then shipped to Revimac plant in Italy where everything has been fully disassembled to be steam cleaned, inspected, machined, serviced and eventually tested until the full reconditioning was completed.

Once all that was done, to complete the operation, the Revimac crew got back to Cognac, where the re-installation of the mechanisms took place alongside a substantial electronic maintenance and modernization of many devices to comply with most recent and stringent safety rules.

Furnace rebuild is such a stressful moment in the life of a glass factory and doing it in the middle of the pandemic is a high mountain to climb. It has also been particularly difficult because of the new restrictions that week-by-week the governments enforced to prevent the spreading of the virus forcing everybody to make changes on the go.

It has been hard, but we have to say, all those difficulties are becoming a little less heavy when one is doing it with people known since a long time, those people one has a strong and reliable dialogue with.

Hopefully, this period of pandemic will come to an end soon, but we truly hope this long-lasting relationship with Verallia to endure for many years to come, as in this period we must take care of each other more than ever.

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