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Revimac: hood lifting unit evolution

Revimac has been a manufacturer of hot end treatment hoods for more than 20 years, units highly appreciated in glass factories for their reliability, quality of the materials, and the design that facilitates the maintenance operations of the unit. The lifting system of the entire hood is provided on request, useful to allow the easy [...]


VETROPACK has chosen and contracted REVIMAC to be one of its strategic partners for its new greenfield plant in Boffalora Sopra Ticino, Italy, where production is set to begin in 2023.

Produvisa & Revimac together to Re-Engineering line 7.0

WATCH THE VIDEO! Productos de Vidrios Sa, the leading Company of glass containers in Venezuela, in its full process of Company growth, has successfully improved the production of line 7.0 by making a renovation of the old Owens Illinois IS Machine. In a close Partnership with Revimac, important parts of the IS Machine were [...]

Revimac installation at Myanmar Golden Eagle

The installation of the production lines in Myanmar is actually underway. The start-up of the plant is foreseen during April 2022. Revimac will be fully involved in the commissioning and production start-up in strict cooperation with MGE.


During last month of August Revimac successfully perform a section boxes exchange among other upgrades to Verescence a at their La Granja plant in Spain. Verescence technical and specialist Teams together with Revimac supervisors, did a great job during the installation and start-up of the machines, respecting the project schedule of the customer.  

An articulated project for Verallia Lagnieu

To continue the collaboration between Revimac and Verallia, we had the chance to be selected for an ambitious project delivered to Verallia Lagnieu plant. During the second quarter of this years, Revimac accomplished the exchange of section boxes and the supply of a complete IS machine. For both projects the customization has been a key aspect, in particular for the [...]

Installation of hot coating hoods in Korea

In September 2021, two hot coating treatment hoods were successfully installed at one of Revimac's long-standing customers, SGC Solution in Korea. The two hot coating hoods were installed on the production lines by the customer and the Revimac supervisor was present on-site during the start-up and commissioning of the units. The on-site activities took place [...]

Installation of machines in Thailand

On august 2021, Revimac has been installed and commissioned the stackers and hot end coating hoods to Siam Glass Rojana. The units have been supplied under a contract signed by Bottero and the customer. Four stackers RSS 100 three axis and four hot end coating hoods HTH 200 have been installed and started in production with [...]

Installation and start-up of I.S. machines at Beta Glass site

We are proud to inform that two I.S. machines 10 sections, including feeders, have been installed and started in production at our customer Frigoglass (Beta Glass Plc.) at Agbara - Nigeria. The plant start producing bottles at the beginning of June 2021. Despite all the problems and delays due to the Covid situation, technicians and [...]

Large-scale production machines for Siam Glass Rojana

Siam Glass Rojana, signed last year a contract with Bottero for the supply of I.S. machines 12 sections, for high productions: for these machines, Revimac supplied the ON-OFF mold cooling systems and articulated hoists. In the same contract, Revimac supplied also four stackers RSS 100 and four hot end coating hoods HTH 200 equipped with [...]

Servo-feeder for small capacity

Revimac has been involved by iPROTec GmbH, at the end of 2020, in a project to produce a spout servo-feeder for specific applications of the tableware industry . iPROTec GmbH, as engineering company of Zwiesel KristallGlas Group (formerly Schott Zwiesel) top manufacturer in the segment of high-class glass stemware segment, is active in all the [...]


Revimac have got a long-time engagement with Verallia, especially in Italy and France and last year was no exception with Revimac service crew deployed at Verallia Cognac plant where, during the furnace rebuild last fall, the reconditioning of many crucial components like feeders, forming mechanisms and ware handling equipment with many other upgrades to the [...]

The XHS 700 High Performance Ware Transfer

WATCH THE VIDEO! Revimac realized the new XHS 700 High Performance Ware Transfer, capable of transferring articles from primary conveyor to cross conveyor up to a speed of 950 bottles per minute, depending on the container dimensions. The new design is based on a double belt conveyor drive with a short auxiliary belt, that [...]

Once upon a time in Sovizzo

Dear Reader, please be aware this is not the beginning of a fairy tale or the incipit of a romantic novel, but just one episode of a continuing saga that keeps steadily going on stage nowadays. Once upon a time in Sovizzo, more or less at the same time of the fall of the Berlin [...]

The second half of the sky, alias a tribute to Revimac Ladies

When one is trying to reach out to the sky, no doubt the best way is to climb on a “stairway to heaven (1) and this is exactly where the Revimac Ladies are proudly on parade. Firstly, we meet our H&R manager, a.k.a. the iron fist in a velvet glove, as she can apply merciless [...]


Revimac have got a long-time engagement with one of the world’s biggest hollow glass manufacturers based in France, especially for its Italian and French plants, and last year was no exception with Revimac service crew deployed on the fields. During the furnace rebuild occurred last fall, Revimac took care of the reconditioning of many crucial [...]

Revimac Strengthen Forming Installations

Over 146 IS Machines installed in 40 Countries worldwide, 162 Forehearths & Working Ends, the widest series of Ware Handling Equipment to cover all the production needs, with more than 400 Ware Transfers, 560 Cross Conveyors and 480 Lehr Loaders (stackers) currently in operation. And to complete the portfolio of installations, more than 1350 Ancillary [...]

(Love) Service in the time of (cholera) corona

With the 2020 Covid19 pandemic outbreak, everybody’s life has been subject to a big change. Since last March Italy experienced a lockdown that obliged most of the activities to be shut down for many weeks up to May but, as we know, glass factories were one of few exceptions due to its nature and haven’t [...]

REVIMAC with SIAM GLASS : remote service success

Revimac is used to support the customers in remote assistance, to verify at customer request, the correct functioning of the systems supplied. A remote service to recondition and installation of I.S. machine parts, was a challenge happened during 2020, due to the impossibility to travel caused by Covid 19 situation. Let’s start from the beginning. [...]

Working-end extension and new forehearth

The challenging project commissioned during 2020 by the Russian company Glacem to Revimac-Fusiontec is dealing with the extension of an existing working-end and the supply of a new high performance 100 TpD forehearth. The dismantling and demolition of the existing parts for the connection and installation of the new working-end extension will be done without [...]

REVIMAC NTR: Cullet recovery solution

Revimac is now introducing a new family of equipment that many in the business might find useful, the Revimac NTR cullet conveyor. This range of conveyors was created to meet the demand for robust and reliable conveyor to evacuate glass cullet scrap. Revimac cullet conveyors are designed to work dry (not suitable for glass drainage), [...]


Since over 30 years of developments in the hollow glass industry, performing vertical solutions for different kind of containers production, Revimac has always been one of the main landmarks as manufacturer of hot-end Ware Handling Equipment, in addition to Re-Manufactured IS Machines and Glass Conditioning Forehearths. Long global experience with installation worldwide, both in international [...]

REVIMAC to install the 3rd complete forming line in Lunacharskogo

All along the last 15 years, Revimac has been supplying many re-manufactured I.S. machines to the Russian market with satisfaction of the customers and establishing a consistent and successful story of cooperation. Lunacharskogo Stekolny Zavod is one of these customers, having two Revimac I.S: machines installed since 2009. At the end of June 2020, upon [...]

REVIMAC WE & FHs control system: full-strength automation!

Since the beginning of this activity in the year 2000, REVIMAC supplied some 150 glass conditioning systems, inclusive of working-ends and forehearths. Time by time, several improvements to the design of the refractory superstructure were introduced and the air-gas mixing unit and combustion control system optimized as well in order to supply one of the [...]

A technological package supply

During the first half of 2020, Revimac and Fusiontec jointly managed one more project for the supply of a complete and fully automatic glass conditioning system. The production plant where the glass conditioning system will be installed is in the Asean area. The package supply includes: Refractory superstructure of one working-end and two forehearths; Main [...]

REVIMAC appoints Arturo Gorin & Cia in South America

After more than 10 years of cooperation and successes in Argentina, Revimac and Santiago Stura, owner of the representative company Arturo Gorin & Cia, reinforced their partnership in Latin America extending their Sales Agreement to the territories of Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, in addition to Argentina. As well as he did in Argentina during [...]

REVIMAC, six months of projects worldwide

In this first half of the 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Revimac has been involved into new challenges that have seen the successful realization of more than 20 projects worldwide in 6 different Countries like Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Thailand and Myanmar, while other big projects are going to be realized within the end of [...]

A challenging experience in IS equipment re-manufacturing

At the end of summer 2019, in order to support a revamping and expansion project of Belstekloprom, a glass container factory located in Belarus, Revimac accepted the challenging order to re-manufacture 8 section boxes Double Gob 5” centre distance originally supplied by Heye International, within the scope of general renovation of a complete I.S. production [...]

Five Aces Revimac’s Service Team

1988-2020: Over 30 years of activities and learning from each other. This is the incomparable added value that is featuring our company. That’s called experience and it’s the very secret of REVIMAC service excellence! Our reliable Team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers is today able to guarantee solutions to every type of request from our [...]

Revimac Stirrers in Vetri Speciali

One of the most common problems in the glass industry is the Zirconium cord presence down the glass flow, commonly knowns as cat scratches. This situation is usual with fused cast refractory, which tend to exude especially in the furnace, but also from working ends or forehearths. This zirconium parts exuding from the refractories are [...]

One project for two leaders

During the first quarter of 2019, the leading Japanese furnace designer IHARA FURNACE Co. Ltd., awarded Revimac with a contract for the supply of  a complete and fully automatic glass conditioning system, to be installed on a new 200 TPD melting furnace at PT Farmarindo Jaya (Indonesia). The complete system is  constituted by one working-end [...]

Ware transfers range

Revimac has been capable of offering, for the last thirty years, a complete line of handling device to the hollow glass industry and today we talk of a component right in the center of our ware handling lines, the transfer wheels. The main job of transfer wheel is to move the containers from the machine [...]

Ware Handling

Revimac has been a dynamic presence in the hollow glass world for more than thirty years with two separate souls. On one side, Revimac can perform professional IS machine re-manufacturing and on the other is one of the very few companies capable to deliver a complete ware handling equipment range including  ware transfers, cross conveyors [...]

Stacker RSS100

The intelligence with strength, Industry 4.0 ready When the intelligence matches the strengthen, the elegance of reliable movements follows through the precision of the containers handling at variable speed. The three axis Servo Stacker RSS100 is definitely Revimac’s finest and Revimac has just released a recent update consisting in new gearbox and servo motors to [...]

Project Myanmar

Project Myanmar, Let’s start! Last year, Siam Glass selected Revimac as supplier of reconditioned section boxes for the IS Machines installed in their plants in Thailand. The complete project refers to the reconditioning of 46 sections that will renew five IS Machines. The service of specialized Revimac personnel during the on-site installation and production start-up  [...]

The Revimac Sales Team

Let’s know the Revimac Sales Team, from right to left: Gianfranco Tempesta: Export Manager Giorgia Tezza: Sales Assistant Rolando Bajo: Managing Director Giorgio Milano: Area Manager Aleksandra Avramovic: Sales Assistant Gilberto Volpato: Sales Manager & Director Sabrina Faltracco: Sales Assistant Francesco Baldin: Key account Manager Let us start with some numbers! Over 120 IS Machines [...]