Combustion system

The REVIMAC E-FOREHEARTH has been developed and has given demonstration of its capability to grant glass conditioning control above the standard, as required by NNPB process operation.

One of the main features is :

Re-engineered combustion and cooling system
• Improved engineering of the combustion and cooling system: two oversized ventilators, one operational and one as stand-by, are always available
• Each cooling fan unit features separate manual dampers for the blown air with option to feed the air stream to the direct cooling, to the indirect cooling ducts or to both of them. This allows a remarkable reduction of the time during changeovers.
• Newly designed system has greatly contributed to achieve a dramatic reduction of field installation activity, completion time and related cost.


  • E-forehearth steel structure

  • E-forehearth control system

  • E-forehearth refractory superstructure

  • Forehearth coloring system

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