Forehearth coloring system

The New Revimac Coloring System for glass conditioning Forehearths, enables the feeding, melting and mixing of the colorant before the final cooling and conditioning of glass.

The installation of such a system determines an additional length of the forehearth from 3 up to 6 meters approximately.


Coloring Area

It is basically subdivided into the following zones :
Pre-heating zone: its function is to maintain a regular glass temperature that enables the proper melting of the color concentrate. The needed temperature is reached by means of a set of double-stack burners and controlled typically through an optical pyrometer.

Melt zone: this must be long enough to allow sufficient time for the colorant to melt and to exhaust the combustion gases on the glass surface before stirring.

Stirrers zone: it is required to ensure proper mixing of the colored glass.


  • E-forehearth steel structure

  • E-forehearth combustion system

  • E-forehearth control system

  • E-forehearth refractory superstructure

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