Mechanical stacker RS 91 (RS90 with steady bar)

Electro-mechanical equipment for the transfer of glass containers from cross-conveyor to annealing lehr belt.

The RS Series includes the entire range of mechanical stackers to serve
from 1.500 to 4.500 mm. wide annealing lehrs at a maximum speed of 9 cycles per minute.

Rugged equipment suitable for RH or LH delivery and for lehrs belt up to 4500 mm wide.
Built–in height adjustment system (950 to 1100 mm).
Container loading by side shifting of push–bar.
Electric motor mounted on belt tension adjustment slide for quick change replacement.
Bar lifting device with 400 mm stroke equipped with pneumatic cylinder suitable forcompressed air from 3.5 bar supply lines.
Push–bar quick change lock–in system.
Push–bar squaring adjustment with remote control.

Stabilizing bar with remote control system


MAXIMUM SPEED: 9 cycles per minute

Drive units stand-alone


  • Servo-stacker RSS100

  • Servo-stacker RSS950

  • Servo-stacker RSS930

  • Servo-stacker RSS90

  • Mechanical Stacker RS90

  • Mechanical Stacker RS92

  • Mechanical Stacker RS93

  • Push bar

  • Stand-alone drive

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