Project Myanmar

16 March 2020




Project Myanmar, Let’s start!

Last year, Siam Glass selected Revimac as supplier of reconditioned section boxes for the IS Machines installed in their plants in Thailand.

The complete project refers to the reconditioning of 46 sections that will renew five IS Machines.

The service of specialized Revimac personnel during the on-site installation and production start-up  completes the scope of supply.

First Glass Bottle Production In Myanmar

Being first is always rewarding and for the first glass bottle production in Myanmar (Siriam project), Revimac will be the supplier of the IS Machines and Feeders.

The production plant is a joint venture between the Thai producer OSOTSPA (Siam Glass Industry) and Myanmar Golden Eagle.

This new contract for Revimac is the result of a continuous fruitful cooperation with Siam Glass.

For the Siriam project, Revimac will supply four IS forming machines complete with Feeders.

The plant will be commissioned during the first quarter of 2021 and will serve mainly the local market.

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