REVIMAC NTR: Cullet recovery solution

2 December 2020




Revimac is now introducing a new family of equipment that many in the business might find useful, the Revimac NTR cullet conveyor.

This range of conveyors was created to meet the demand for robust and reliable conveyor to evacuate glass cullet scrap.

Revimac cullet conveyors are designed to work dry (not suitable for glass drainage), are all featuring hot galvanized steel structures, stainless steel conveyor belts and are divided into 2 main families:

Revimac NTR Single-Shop: medium load capacity: width ~ 300 mm

  • Application : Hot-end line evacuation;
  • Installation : in front of the annealing lehr between cross conveyor and stacker;
  • Operation: continuous or intermittent (sensor activated).

Revimac NTR Multi-Shop: high load capacity (elevator): width ~ 580 mm

  • Application : evacuation from cellar (can displace the cullet from the whole furnace, up to 360 TPD);
  • Installation: in the cellar for transportation to higher levels;
  • Feature: Combination of horizontal and inclined conveyors;
  • Operation: continuous or intermittent.

Revimac NTR single shop

Revimac NTR single shop scrapers are designed to remove the hot glass cullet falling from the cross-conveyor, bringing it to the basement through the openings on the ground.

Flat conveyor for the transport of glass cullet with metal “shutters belt” conveyor chain. The conveyor operates intermittently in only one direction.

The belt is made in stainless steel plates connected to each other by connecting pins and driven by a chain.

The machine includes: control panel, metal structure with ground supports, motorization, chain transmission with drive and idle sprocket, shutter transport system, side containment panel, end hopper and rope safety system.

Revimac NTR multi shop

Revimac NTR multi-shop scrapers are designed for transporting glass cullet from the extinguisher, or from other single-shop scrapers that evacuate the annealing lehr front.

The machine is then placed in line with other scrapers used for removing cullet from the production lines, and conveys it to a subsequent belt placed even allowing to bring cullet to higher quote.

The Scraper – elevator – can have a flat or inclined section up to about 45°, is designed for continuous (or intermittent) operation and can be installed outside.

The conveyor is made of a hot-galvanized steel frame where a stainless-steel shutter belt is driven by an electric gearmotor.

A rope safety system interrupts operation if it is engaged by the operator.

Revimac NTR cullet recovery_web

Each Revimac NTR scraper system, single-shop and multi-shop, is Taylor made and designed depending on the layout, the structure of the buildings and on the installation and functional requirements.

Auxiliary systems, such as cameras, can also be integrated into the control system to monitor the cellar.

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