Revimac Strengthen Forming Installations

22 February 2021




Over 146 IS Machines installed in 40 Countries worldwide, 162 Forehearths & Working Ends, the widest series of Ware Handling Equipment to cover all the production needs, with more than 400 Ware Transfers, 560 Cross Conveyors and 480 Lehr Loaders (stackers) currently in operation. And to complete the portfolio of installations, more than 1350 Ancillary Equipment including Shear Cooling Mixing Unit, Mould Cooling Control System, Hot Treatment Hood, Cold Treatment Unit, Constant Cushion Pump, Stirrer Unit   and Articulated Hoist for IS Machines, that’s a glimpse of Revimac commitment and passion for their glass Partners!

Founded in 1988, over the years Revimac has become one of the main landmarks in the production process of container glass plants worldwide, introducing the concept of “Re-Manufactured” IS Machines, with a dedicated eye to customized requirements of the production.

The passion dedicated to the glass industry and to their people by the co-founders Rolando Bajo and Gilberto Volpato, led Revimac to a technological path aimed to increase the efficiency of the hot end process, with the addition of new and complementary equipment such as forehearths, stirrers and feeders, as well as a broad range of ware handling products and ancillary equipment for the hot and cold end.

Nowadays Revimac is active in 40 Countries worldwide, supporting the glass plants in their production activities and growth, with over 30 years of experience and know-how.

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