REVIMAC to install the 3rd complete forming line in Lunacharskogo

16 November 2020




All along the last 15 years, Revimac has been supplying many re-manufactured I.S. machines to the Russian market with satisfaction of the customers and establishing a consistent and successful story of cooperation.

Lunacharskogo Stekolny Zavod is one of these customers, having two Revimac I.S: machines installed since 2009.

At the end of June 2020, upon implementing its revamping and expansion project, Lunacharskovo commissioned to Revimac one more I.S. 6 sections Double Gob 5 ½” c.d., equipped with one new Revimac servo-feeder and new Compact automation system.

The order was awarded with the aim to get the machine ready for the shipment as fast as possible; the supply was completed in five months. The equipment package included hot end coating hood, ware transfer, cross conveyor and stacker as well.

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