REVIMAC with SIAM GLASS : remote service success

1 February 2021




Revimac is used to support the customers in remote assistance, to verify at customer request, the correct functioning of the systems supplied.

A remote service to recondition and installation of I.S. machine parts, was a challenge happened during 2020, due to the impossibility to travel caused by Covid 19 situation.

Let’s start from the beginning.

December 2019, a fire incident occurred in a Siam Glass production plant with many parts of I.S. machine completely burnt.

Revimac and Siam Glass agreed on the list of parts to be substituted and on the fact to recondition directly on site the machine.

Was impossible to perform the on-site service, but thanks to the cooperation with the good experience and knowledge of Siam Glass Team, with a perfect schedule of activities, a remote service was performed with success and satisfaction of both the Companies.

Revimac Supervisor Engineers were connected with the Siam Glass Team during all the working period by means of pictures, videos, drawings and technical meetings, supervising all the mechanical and electrical installation.

Most of the parts substituted were in the section boxes, as valve blocks, connection piping, electrical part on board.

At the end, the satisfaction to see the machine completely reconditioned and perfectly working was the best result for everybody.

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