Sistema di controllo

The REVIMAC E-FOREHEARTH has been developed and has given demonstration of its capability to grant glass conditioning control above the standard, as required by NNPB process operation.

Two of the main features are :

Power-packed Control System including:
• Touch-screen operator interface showing the operational data of the actually controlled forehearth;
• Supervisor System, capable to control up to 3 independent measuring instruments every zone and featuring built-in industrial PC touch screen operator interface, PLC based hardware controlled by proprietary Revimac FCS Software Package and equipped with serial connection for Internet-Linked Remote Monitoring system.
• Individual control in each zone of the LH & RH independent firing;
• Storage of memorized production recipes to help the operators to reduce down time.
“Redundancy” as assurance of reliability managed by
• Twin CPU and dual Can-Bus channel for data transmission to ensure total reliability and guarantee the automatic switch-over in case of failure
• Flexibility of the system software in the management of inputs allows in case of failure of one thermocouple to assign the t° of another t° detection instrument until its replacement


  • Struttura metallica canale

  • Combustione canale

  • Sovrastruttura refrattaria canale

  • Canale colorante

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