Stirrers - Equalizzazione

The Stirrers unit has been developed for mixing the glass inside the
equalizing section of forehearths.
Taking into account the severe working conditions due to high temperature,
special attention has been paid for selecting the materials of the moving parts
subject to wear, in order to improve their reliability and to reduce as much as
possible the maintenance operations.
• Glass homogeneity optimization.
• Cords removal.

There are three versions of Stirrers available, i.e. equipped with 2, 3 or 4
blenders respectively, that are spaced according to the superstructure
configuration and depending on customer’s needs.
The mechanical unit is composed by the following:
• Steel supporting frame to be fixed onto the equalizing section casing.
• Manual lifting hoist assembly to raise and lower the stirrer assembly.
• Stirrer assembly (1+2, 2+1, 2+2) that includes support bracket, air
cooled drive motor, transmission parts with cover guard, holder and chuck
for the refractory stirrer (blender).


  • Stirrer - colorazione



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