Sovrastruttura refrattaria

The REVIMAC E-FOREHEARTH has been developed and has given demonstration of its capability to grant glass conditioning control above the standard, as required by NNPB process operation.

One of the main features is :

Original Refractory Superstructure design
• Dual cooling system: direct cooling on to the glass surface and/or indirect cooling by conveying the air through the overhead longitudinal tunnel.
• Possible use of either one of the cooling methods, or the combination of the two applied simultaneously , offering moreover independent adjustment of the opening of the two separate cylindrical exhaust stacks;
• Structural strength is granted by the newly designed roof blocks, supported by 3 lintels (architraves) in each zone with laterals members resting on the ticker and taller burner blocks
• The combination of the several forces applied ensures that the refractory blocks stay put in position and do not fall down inside the channel even in case of severe breakage.
Glass contact channel blocks material with a 99% content of alumina have proven greatly successful over the years.


  • Struttura metallica canale

  • Combustione canale

  • Sistema di controllo canale

  • Canale colorante

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