Unità di trattamento a freddo TAF

The new TAF Series has been designed to improve the lehr-end outer surface spraying by wax emulsions to enhance lubricity and increase the scratch resistance of glass containers.

Supporting structure composed of light alloy metal frame.

Overhead sliding unit including carriage guide rail, DC motor belt drive unit, cable ducting and raceway.

Carriage assembly including spray nozzles, vertical pneumatic cylinder to control up-down nozzle, stepper motor to control lateral displacement of nozzles across the span of the annealing lehr.

Single-head spray nozzle assembly.


POWER SUPPLY: 380V, 50Hz, Three-phase
COMPRESSED AIR REQUIREMENTS: 300 liters/minute at 6 bar pressure
CONTAINERS MAX. HEIGHT: 400 mm under finish


  • Sistema di dosaggio per TAF

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