The second half of the sky, alias a tribute to Revimac Ladies

8 Marzo 2021




When one is trying to reach out to the sky, no doubt the best way is to climb on a “stairway to heaven (1) and this is exactly where the Revimac Ladies are proudly on parade.

Firstly, we meet our H&R manager, a.k.a. the iron fist in a velvet glove, as she can apply merciless rules without shedding a tear, but definitely “she’s a Lady (2) yes, indeed!

Then we have got the slightly dark Queen of the Books and she is the one and only that can really tell you that “money is too tight to mention” (3) and put a stop to your silly questions.

Jumping position and slightly downwards, we face the smile of our multi-tasking receptionist that belongs to the so called “shiny happy people” (4) folk, that sometimes forget to get down from cloud 9 and land on earth. She’s of the lucky kind!

Close by, we meet the most intriguing purchasing officer a poor vendor could possibly dare to encounter and get squeezed to the tune of “the year of the cat” (5) without even realizing the huge discount is allowing while thinking to strike a god deal. Feline power at its best.

Right after, the back office team of the sales department. By the way, I feel no definition is less fitting than this, as it applies to Ladies that are actually at the fore front and face the day-by-day fierce fighting against stubborn customers outside and sleepy staff inside. This backbone crew includes a young ubiquitous assistant that can incredibly be “here, there and everywhere” (6) at the same time. One step down, don’t get bewitched by the fascinating smile and the blond hair, but watch out instead for the “eye of the tiger” (7) of her powerful grip on the job. Then, here we are with the fastest keyboard of Montecchio county, possibly the most efficient assistant a manager may desire, which makes you forgive the “dressed to kill” (8) fashion style and the devastating high-heels noise. Amazing trio!

Last, but certainly not least, the marketing and brochure wizard is right there. Who the hell can reduce the advertising budget when she’s coming along wearing a mini-skirt and fancy boots that can suddenly cut “every breath you take”? (9).  The snake charmer feeling is all around! Smashing.

Let me now get to the end of this tribute by borrowing some lyrics from a Billy Joel’s evergreen, that say “Don’t go changing to try to please us, we take the good times, we take the bad times, we love just the way you are”. (10).

The original soundtrack includes the following songs:

  1. Stairway to heaven, Led Zeppelin
  2. She’s a Lady, Tom Jones
  3. Money is too tight to mention, Simply Red
  4. Shiny, happy people, R.E.M.
  5. Year of the cat, Al Stewart
  6. Here, there and everywhere, the Beatles
  7. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
  8. Dressed to chill, Marion Meadows
  9. Every breath you take, the Police.
  10. Just the way you are, Barry White.


Post by Revimac Revimac